Emergency Communities-Part 5: Individual Shelters to Become Homes

Part 5. Individual Shelters Become Permanent Homes


Basic 12′ Module-Minimum for Short Term Use 150 Square Feet: Living/Dining/Sleeping/Toilet  

Robert Gordon Architecture/Plannning



Once the community has prepared for a possible disaster, we can concentrate on the types of structures necessary to house families and individuals immediately, but which can actually be used in the future as permanent homes. A tent of about 6’x6’ sleeps two, but people want to return to normal life as quickly as possible, including cooking, bathing, heating and other daily needs. So a starter unit, a compact 12’x12’ module can be built which contains all the spaces necessary for immediate shelter, including living and sleeping space, kitchen, bathroom, and storage. It can be added onto when funds, space are available. It is estimated to cost around $100-$150 per square foot, plus site improvements. This unit would cost around $15,000-$25,000. At a certain point, when the emergency has passed, these units can be combined. Six modules can provide a 1 BR,  900  s.f. residence. For larger families, or blended families, additional units can be added in various configurations.


Expanded Version for Blended Families 1050 Square Feet

Robert Gordon Architecture/Plannning         


Home Designs c: Robert Gordon Architect


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