Streetscape and Traffic Calming Project, rue de Rennes, Paris

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“La rue de Rennes, Paris, se transforme”

Streetscape and Traffic Calming Project, rue de Rennes, Paris


Rue de Rennes in Paris has been one of the most polluted and pedestrian-unfriendly streets in the City. The Mairie of the City of Paris has undertaken a substantial project to transform this roadway into a boulevard-like environment that would be pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly.  The work included:

  • Widening the sidewalks
  • Constructing granite-paved pedestrian crosswalks which are clearly visible and distinctly marked to make them easier to see and more enjoyable to use
  • Providing “Bump-outs” for pedestrians, shortening the distance for street crossing
  • Reducing the number of automobile traffic lanes from four to two
  • Adding bicycle lanes (The bike lanes however are not “protected” with raised granite barriers as they are on many other Paris streets.)
  • Separating and clarifying bus lanes
  • Providing off street loading spaces
  • Landscaping (though spare)
Clearly Marked Pedestrian Crossing (and fewer lanes to cross)Image
Sharing Bus Lanes with Bicycles


Sheltered “Smart” Bus Stop (with digital next bus arrival times)


Double bicycle lanes

No surprise to New Urbanists, cutting down the number of vehicle lanes and widening the sidewalks has actually improved the flow of traffic on this street. Instead of constant “bouchons” (traffic jams), cars now move slowly but steadily down the Rue de Rennes. One local resident was heard to say  “I could actually imagine living on this street now”. You would never have heard that before this project. ongoing work.

Already, pedestrian access is much better and traffic is calmer. The air is better too. Merci M. Delanoe.


One thought on “Streetscape and Traffic Calming Project, rue de Rennes, Paris

  1. Ahhh, Paris! Give me even la rue de Rennes to live on. I don’t care. And give me Robert Gordon and Nancy Turpin to walk next to and chat with on that same “rue.” Ahh…Paris.
    David Jameson

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