Waltz Across Texas

River walk birdseye

Waltz Across Texas

Ernest Tubb sings:

Waltz across Texas with you in my arms

Waltz across Texas with you

Like a story-book ending, I’m lost in your charms                

And I could waltz across Texas with you.

When you think about Texas, with all its oil wells and its vast interstate highway network, you probably don’t think much about walking, let alone waltzing, across Texas. But there are some places in Texas that are very good for walking, strolling, listening to music, finding some sidewalk cafes, restaurants and historic monuments. In keeping with one of the themes of this blog, we search and document the many different kinds of walking places in cities we visit.

San Antonio comes to mind because of its River Walk. The San Antonio River winds through the downtown area and its banks are filled with restaurants, musicians and people strolling. A small, flat boat goes by at the same height as the riverbank. And when you want to leave the river, who doesn’t remember the Alamo?

River walk bridge     MariachisAlamo

Austin is known as a city of music. There are hundreds of outdoor cafes, or bars with their doors open, and acoustic music pouring out. It’s Willie Nelson’s home town. The river walk is generous, but very austere and underdeveloped. However, you can find a light rail in Austin.

Austin musicianchicken  Austin River Walk   Tram

Texas is super-hot in the summer, which may last 8 months, but otherwise has an agreeable climate. All in all, it’s a surprisingly nice place to walk when you want to hear country  music as it’s meant to be heard, outdoors and with a bar-b-q.


2 thoughts on “Waltz Across Texas

  1. You’re making us want to waltz around Texas and walk around San Antonio, Mr. Gordon! Thank you. Your blog now makes me Remember the River Walk first and the Alamo second. Big fan of The Architect’s Blog! Nancy

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